Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the uptime of your website, tool or API with an Uptime Check. This check executes HTTP requests from several locations around the globe on a set interval to make sure your website is up and running. We always triple-check any failures to prevent false-positives.

Creating a new check

  1. Click the “+ Add Check” button and choose “Uptime”
  2. Enter the URL you want to monitor
  3. Choose how often you want the URL to be checked

Adding an Uptime check


Assertions define the criteria under which the URL is considered to be “up”. By default, an uptime check will be considered valid when the HTTP code is equal to 200. You can add and remove assertions as you wish. Bolstat allows you to check the (JSON) Body, Headers and HTTP code.

Uptime Assertions

Request Options

An uptime check executes simple GET requests to the URL specified. The request options tab enables you to choose all HTTP verbs, add custom headers, basis authentication or a request body.

Uptime Request Options