Server Monitoring

You can monitor the key metrics of your server with Bolstat’s server monitoring. Additional modules are available to monitor database servers and other applications.

Creating the Monitor

  1. Click the “+ Add Check” button and choose “Server”.
  2. Your new server instance is added and you will be pointed to the server page.
  3. On the server page you will find a command to run on your server to install the monitoring agent.
  4. After installing the agent, the dashboard will show the first metrics within one minute.

curl -s https://assets.bolstat.com/install-agent | bash /dev/stdin abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789 acb123 “hash=abcd1319819831”

Example Install Command


If you automatically provision your (cloud) server, manually adding the check and agent won’t work. You can customize the agent install command to automatically add a new check in a certain component within Bolstat.

Custom Provisioning Command]

Cmd Part Comments
API Key Retrieve your provisioning API Key from Project Settings > API Keys.
Project ID Extract the Project ID from the URL of your Bolstat dashboard (after /p/).
Parameters String enclosed by quotes, parameter names and values are joined by the & character.

The parameters string consists of any of the parameters below. Parameters with an asterisks (*) are required.

Parameter Comments
Component* Component to which the server needs to be added. Extract the Component ID from the URL of your Bolstat dashboard (after /c/).
Name Name of the server
Environment ID of the environment to which this server needs to be assigned.


The thresholds define when a server needs to send out an alert. By default, two alerts for cpu_util and memory_util are added. You can adjust these or add new ones on the Settings > Alerts page for each server.



There are several modules you can activate in the agent to provide extra metrics in the dashboard. All config values mentioned below should be added as a new block to the agent configuration file at /etc/bolstat/bolstat.cfg.

When auto-provisioning your servers and server agent, you can add a configuration file at /etc/bolstat/bolstat.cfg with the module config already present. The agent will then add the additional required info on install.

Take care when you have a password with an asterisk (*) in one of your modules. If so, escape the asterisk with a backslash (\). Like:




Port is optional.



Port and password are optional.

Custom Metrics

You can monitor extra metrics within your server check by adding a new block with your script(s) to your config file at /etc/bolstat/bolstat.cfg.

The custom metrics are defined by a variable name and the value is the script which needs to be executed to get the metric value. Make sure the only output of the script is an integer value.

custom_var_1=”perl /etc/scripts/custom_var_1.pl”
custom_var_2=”php /var/www/monitor.php”

You can return multiple values from one script by making sure the output of the script is define as the structure below. Make sure proper new lines are used and the values are integers.


The server agent will automatically detect if a script returns a singular integer value or a set of variables with their values. The variable name for a multiple value script will be ignored, just make sure that all variable name entries in the [metrics] block are unique.