Browser Tests

Use real browsers to test your website or application automatically.

Create Test

  1. Click the “+ Add Check” button and choose “Browser Test”.
  2. Enter the starting URL on which the browser test should start.
  3. Add your first step. Copy paste the CSS Selector, choose the action and any option values.
  4. Add subsequent steps until your flow is completed.


How to find a CSS selector in Chrome

  1. Right click the element
  2. Choose “Inspect element”
  3. Right click the highlighted HTML code in the “Elements” tab of the developer console
  4. Choose “Copy” > “Copy selector”



There are several reasons a browser test can fail.

Screenshot Comparison

If enabled, a screenshot will be taken at the last step of the test. These final screenshots are validated against the first baseline screenshot. If this comparison fails you can update the baseline screenshot or increase the allowed difference threshold.

Steps failed

Your test steps can fail for a multitude of reasons. Most of the times it has to do with an element on your website that can’t be found or is not visible and has to be clicked, used as an input, etc.

By default, the browser will wait 30 seconds until the specified element of that step will be visible. Best practice when executing actions which trigger HTTP requests is to select a subsequent element which only becomes visible after the request is completed.

Javascript errors

The test could also fail if the tested website has Javascript error(s). Depending on your Javascript Errors threshold, the test will fail if it encounters too much errors in the console.