Gearing up for the Beta

Written by Wouter van Lent on May 17, 2017.

The past weeks i’ve been heads-down into the Bolstat Beta. Progress is steady and i’m very happy how things are coming together. Of course, in software development, things never go as fast as you would like. But i’m very close to getting the first clients on board of the platform.

An overview of uptime checks

Staying true to the lean startup methodology, I took the decision to release the Beta partially. Starting off with three of the proposed features and gradually expanding into a complete toolset. I believe this will already create enough value for users to generate some good feedback. I included some screenshot as a quick preview.

Setting up a logic check

This week I will be attending The Next Web Conference here in Amsterdam. I got some meetings lined up with potential clients and people who are excited to start using Bolstat. Looking forward to that!

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Beta launch