Bolstat is a go! - The journey begins

Written by Wouter van Lent on February 9, 2017.

I’m happy to announce that Bolstat is a go! To clarify, this means active development on the software has begun. Since the inception I tried to validate Bolstat as an idea and tried to gauge if there was a market for such a product. After talking to a lot of Saas owners and testing the market in various other ways it became clear that Bolstat could definitely fill a gap.

Saas software is not unfamiliar to me. Over the last 15 years i started, closed and sold several online projects and currently i’m running a Saas product as my day-time job. Throughout all these projects we always implemented several products to monitor and test our app and infrastructure. Especially for lower revenue ventures this was quite a burden. The worst is that for most of these products we were only using 25% of their features.

That’s where the first ideas for Bolstat came up. Could i create a higher-level toolset which could combine all these products? After a lot of research and experimenting I concluded that this would indeed be a viable endeavour.

The coming time I will be putting my time an energy into getting a beta version of Bolstat out of the door. While doing this, I want to involve you in this process and keep myself accountable by writing about the journey of building out a side project. So if you are interested in product updates and my experiences creating and running a side project, please subscribe below. I’m excited to start this new adventure and I hope you will join me along the way!


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