All-in-one Saas monitoring & testing

One easy to use solution to keep tabs on your software
& guarantee uninterrupted business.

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Everything your team needs to sleep well at night

Our toolset monitors and tests your complete Saas application and immediately alerts
your team when a problem occurs. Sometimes even upfront upon the first signals.

Check if your websites are reachable for everyone.
Client-side apps
Monitors and test your app in several browsers.
Check the performance and health of your API.
Monitor all your servers and get notified of pending problems.
User & page speed
Checks if your users are not experiencing any slow downs.
Keep track of any client-side exceptions your users may be experiencing.

On-call schedules

Don’t want your full team woken up for a minor issue? Bolstat wil intelligently notify your team based upon your own set of rules and cascading flows.

Get alerts the way you want

Some people prefer push notifications, others a phone call. No problem with Bolstat. We notify via our app, sms, phone calls and integrations like Slack.

Bolstat is affordable and will save you money

Right now you are probably using multiple products to monitor your Saas.
Bolstat unites those tools in one affordable toolset.

from $314

All-in-one monitoring & testing
within one toolset and one script.

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from $39
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“While working on several Saas companies, keeping tabs on our platforms was a rather complex process with a lot of different products. We designed Bolstat to easily monitor the most important vitals of the business with one affordable tool. Bolstat definitely gives more peace of mind and no reason to postpone crucial monitoring & testing anymore.”