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Monitoring every element of your Software is hard

70% of SaaS founders indicated to us that they are unsure about the effectiveness of their monitoring.

Multiple scattered Tools

In order to get some degree of monitoring coverage, you'll have to use multiple tools. This is a hell to setup, annoying since you need to switch between several products which are also expensive when combined.

Not clear what to Monitor

Do you just monitor the uptime of your website? Should you do something with Browser testing? Or API monitoring? It can be difficult to make sure you catch all errors and downtime on your systems.

Bolstat is your all-in-one solution!

With Bolstat you have one toolset with features that monitor every aspect of your software product.

Uptime checks

Monitor the uptime of your websites.

Logic checks

Check API's and other complex pages.

Browser Tests

Validate website & user flows in real browsers.


Monitor the servers within your infrastructure.

SSL certificates

Check SSL certificates for expiry and changes. Coming soon.

Heartbeat checks

Make sure background processes still run. Coming soon.

Know what's happening in one quick glance

Bolstat gives you insights in your full instrastructure in one nice overview. See where any problems are occuring and dig into them.

Alert the right person in the right way

When something unexpected happens, it is important that the right person knows as fast as possible. Bolstat allows you to define on-call schedules and has all possible notifications methods you would wish for.

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14 Day Free Trial | No Credit Card Required